Dan Pearl Stone ArtistDan Pearl, Dry Stone Waller & Stone Carver

My name is Dan Pearl. I am a dry stone waller and a stone carver. For 20 years I had been a professional engineer and packaging designer in the corporate world. For fun, I had always been drawn to the timeless organic beauty of natural stone. I had built garden settings and interior pieces for friends, family, and my own home. To further my knowledge and skill, I began training with the world’s most prominent stone workers from Scotland, Canada, and the USA.

Spending time with other stone professionals, I felt among kindred spirits. I realized I had been a “fish out of water” and abandoned my old career for the love of stone. I enjoy the opportunity to work in a meditative, physically demanding environment using natural materials. I use old world construction methods and my tools are the same as those employed by stone workers for generations. My most important goal is to maintain the integrity of the stone craft and honor the skills of the craftsmen that I have learned from. I would be honored to create something of lasting natural beauty for you!


Natural Stone Works, LLC.

Dan Pearl

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Rochester, NY 16412


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